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What is 5G?

You heard the news, the biggest leap in the wireless network technology is happening but what does it all mean?


The world is changing fast and in this day and age, we can all agree that the need for internet speed is growing rapidly. The fifth generation of wireless network 5G is all thought to be our savior but with known to so few, there are problems that the world has to overcome. But before we get into all of that, what 5G really is and how it can affect the way that we use the internet?

5G Explained

While we currently have 4G, all the carriers around the world are building their 5G networks slowly. The largest companies that are doing this right now are Verizon, ATNT, and Sprint but it’s all happening at a very slow pace. The one and only sole purpose of 5G is just like any other new generation of the wireless network is internet speed. Remember how long it took you to watch a 720p video comfortably without waiting for buffering on 3G and the presence of 4G made you forget all about it? 5G is going to make you forget a lot of things with a faster connection but again, as mentioned above, there are many things to overcome.

The Problem with 5G

5G is built on millimeter waves meaning that it is a new section of the high-frequency spectrum that can go upwards of 24 GHz all the way up to 100 GHz but hold on. The problem here is that higher the frequency, the lesser amount of range it’s going to be able to travel. Which brings us to our main problem. Verizon installed a 5G network node in Chicago to put it out on a test along with a few other selected locations. If you have a 5G supported smartphone like an S10 5G which costs a whopping $1,600, you can put it to test.

The main issues the people who put to test experiences is obviously range. Even if they are 200 feet away from the 5G node, it instantly switches back to 5G. So to be able to have the best connection with 5G, you really have to be near it or there has to be a lot of 5G network nodes that are scattered around the city that actively switches from one to another which brings us to another issue.

Since the cost of this will be massive since it costs around $1,000 a piece and it will take a lot of time to install that many nodes. Overall, we can say that 5G in 2019 is nowhere near being ready unless you put your own 5G network node across the street and install it somewhere that doesn’t block anything in view of it.

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