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Nintendo Switch SNES Controller Release


It is not news that Nintendo has a pretty long history and the company’s plans to bring back retro games is not just about the games itself but the vibe that it gave back in the days too. Nintendo launched an online membership titled as Switch Online where the players can have access to NES and SNES games for just $5 per month. Just like the previous NES console release, there is now a brand new SNES retro controller to make your gaming experience even more joyful and possibly bring back more memories.

SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) Controller Release Date

The controller is out because Nintendo alongside with the fans believe that all those retro games were meant to play with the original controller at that time. It comes in two variants, one with the ability to play wirelessly and the other one is just the standard retro controller but it has ZL and ZR buttons at the top to be compatible with normal Switch games. Those who have an active paid Switch Online membership will only going to be the ones who can purchase the controller. It is set to be released on September 18, this year.

Although it isn’t known if there will be a mass production for this specific controller or if it will be a limited-time controller. But given the fact that Nintendo likes to share those retro moments, we strongly believe that you will have a long supply of the SNES controllres.

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