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PUBG Update #30 Patch Notes

New PUBG update brings in Deagle, Ledge Grab, BRDM-2, and Improved Gas Cans to the game. Find out more in a short read!

update 30

The thirtieth PUBG update is currently on test servers and will hit live servers soon. This update will introduce a new weapon, a new vehicle, a new way to fight, jump, grab, and go with Ledge Grab. Here are the highlights of the latest PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update.

New Weapon – Deagle

One of the most beloved pistols in all of FPS games finally makes an introduction to PUBG. Deagle, also known as Desert Eagle will be available for players to take their enemies down with update #30. Here are the specs of the weapon.

  • Deagle deals 62 damage per shot and can take in both holographic and red-dot sights, extended magazines, and a laser sight that improves hip fire accuracy.
  • Deagle only has a single firing mode and uses .45 ACP type of ammo.
  • The standard magazine comes with 7 rounds while the extended magazines increase it to 10.

Deagle is surely going to be one of the deadliest weapons in the game but with higher muzzle velocity, it is harder to control but will definitely come in handy if you can control it in close quarters.

New Vehicle – BRDM-2

The one and only hated vehicle, the armored UAZ is finally being replaced by this piece of beauty. BRDM-2 is not an ordinary vehicle. It literally is a tank and it can even be used as a boat, yes! You’ve heard it right, this new vehicle can swim. Although these sound good, you can get this vehicle only when you’re calling in a special Care Package. Here are the specifications of the vehicle.

  • BRDM-2 has 2500 HP, compared to armored UAZ, it’s twice as much!
  • The vehicle’s wheels and windows are bulletproof and reduce any incoming damage being done to the vehicle.
  • It can travel on both ground and water but players can’t shoot when inside the vehicle.
  • It can go up to 102 km/h on land when boosted.

Ledge Grab

PUBG players are now able to climb up walls and obstacles up to 2.5 meters with this new gameplay feature that is coming with the latest update. Similar to Apex Legends interactions, PUBG players will be able to jump from roof to roof or container to container.

You will be able to interact with walls or obstacles by pressing and holding the jump button. To cancel it, just let go of the space bar and you will fall to the ground. Also, if you press the space bar at the right moment while in midair, you will instantly head towards to target location.

Exploding Gas Cans

The gas that you put in your car is now an explosive that could change the fate of the game when used at the right moment. Once you drop a Gas Can to the ground and damage it with bullets or grenades, it will cause it to explode and deal damage to anyone nearby regardless if they’re in your squad or not.

Each Gas Can in your inventory is displayed individually now to prevent any confusion as multiple Gas Cans will not multiply the damage it’s putting.

Radio Message – Pings

Similar to what Apex Legends already has, a series of pings/radio messages are being added to the game. It will be available when you’re playing with a duo or in squad mode. Once you hold the mouse wheel button or press F3 to open the Radio Message UI, you will be able to communicate with the following messages.

  • Affirmative
  • Enemy Spotted
  • Negative
  • Sorry
  • Need Ammo
  • Need Backup
  • Need Med
  • Thank You

These pings have different interactions. For example, when you spot an enemy and ping it, the message will vary by a distance of the ping. These different pings include

  1. Near Range (50 meters)
  2. Medium Range (50 – 200 meters)
  3. Long Range (200 – 500 meters)

On the other hand, when you ping ”Need Ammo” it will send a message depending on the ammo type the weapon you’re holding uses. So if you send a ping while holding an AKM, it will ping ”I need 7.62MM” etc.


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