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PUBG Update #29 on Test Servers

Vikendi rebalance, UI improvements and more!


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is struggling to meet the needs of players lately but this one update which is currently on test servers could make it up with the new content update, lots of bug fixes, and UI improvements. Every major change to the game that you might need to know before launching the game on your free time is listed below.

Vikendi Rebalance

This update is mainly aimed to balance out the latest map of PUBG by turning it into some sort of a long-range map. The reasoning behind this is the feedback the dev team was getting. After all, Vikendi is a little bit different and no, we’re not talking about the terrain but the way that the map is shaped, the distances between each loot location, and overall playable areas of Vikendi.

First and foremost, the initial safe zone is now going to be placed in a wider variety of locations and the time between certain blue zone phases has been reduced slightly and therefore the overall duration of each match will be reduced approximately by a minute and a half. Also, we will be seeing more 4-wheel drive vehicles in relation to Snowmobiles and Snowbikes which provide a better way of transportation when you think about it.

PUBG Corp.


Item Spawn Rate Changes

As mentioned above, this update is focused to turn Vikendi into a map where players engage on each other over long distances. To accumulate this there have been some adjustments to spawn rates of medium to long-distance weapons.  All the changes regarding item spawn Vikendi are listed below.

  • DMR spawn is increased by 2x
  • AR spawn is increased by 1.4x
  • SR spawn is increased by 7x

  • Shotgun, Pistol Crossbow, and SMG spawns are decreased.
  • Bigger scope(4x, 8x, 16x) spawns increased slightly
  • Overall attachment spawns increased
  • Win94 and R45 are removed.
  • MK47 Mutant, Halfgrip, Thumbgrip, and Laser Sight added.
PUBG Corp.
PUBG Corp.

Tactical Map Markers

Now, those of you who play Apex Legends may think that PUBG copied the ping system of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale title after knowing what Tactical Map Markers are but before you judge, take a look.


Similar to Standard markers in PUBG, Tactical Map Markers are added with the update #29. There are a total of 6 different marker types for Loot, Regroup, Vehicle, Danger, Attack, and Defend. Its usage is the same as standard markers. To use the markers all you need to do is open up your world map and hold right click and hover over to the marker you want to display on the map. Each player will be able to place only one marker at a time regardless if it’s Tactical or Standard. Also, Tactical Map Markers can be seen on the minimap, compass, and world map just like the ones we already had.

Improvements on UI

As for the main purpose of this update, there have been many improvements and adjustments to the UI regarding parachuting to Flare Gun.

  • A new crosshair is added to identify the use of underarm or overarm throwing stance when using throwables.
  • To get a better understanding of where your teammates, the ones outside of your immediate minimap area will now have an icon to display at the edge of the minimap. Another feature is that it will show the status of your teammates, saving you from opening the world map each time.
  • The parachute UI is made more visible and divided into two measure. One for detailed altitude and the other for the current speed.
  • Flare Gun crosshair is changed to a circle when aiming at the correct position to call in a Special Care Package. Also, the green flashing light is removed after the drop leaves the plane.

Other than the UI improvements and changes to Vikendi, there have been a bunch of bug fixes like where the vehicle you’re driving would slip more than you wanted it to and so many other fixes on the World.

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