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PUBG: New Weapon and Balance Update

Below you can read the changes with the May 21st, 2019 update that caused a nearly 6 hours of downtime on PS4 and Xbox One!


After 2 hours of maintenance turned out to be 6 hours caused the servers to be off on consoles. This update brings the Public Test Server (PTS) back from today to May 28 which is when this update will hit live servers. This update will only be available on PTS so if you haven’t downloaded it yet, go to Microsoft Store or PlayStation Store, depending on where you play and search for PUBG Public Test Server.

Public Test Server (PTS)

The Public Test Server, as you can understand from its name is the test server for consoles. It’s free for anyone who owns a copy of PUBG on the platform they are playing. It works just like the test server on PC to provide a preview of issues and bugs to developers with the new updates and give an idea to players what they will be seeing at live servers.

While you’re playing on PTS, any data or stats will not carry over to your account.

Gameplay Changes

  1. First aid kits will now restore heal over 2 seconds instead of restoring health immediately upon using.
  2. Overall Aim Sway is now decreased when being shot by an enemy.
  3. Grenade damages are now blockable by vehicles, however, depending on the grenade position and trajectory, the damage can still be applied to players hiding behind vehicles.

Item Spawn Balance

This update also brings some loot changes to Erangel. The overall item spawn rates are now increased, especially on some classes.

  • SR and Pistol spawn rates are slightly increased.
  • DMR spawn rate increased by 16%.
  • AR spawn rate increased by 12%.
  • SMG spawn rate increased by 14%.

New Weapon- MP5K

MP5K is the latest SMG addition to the game exclusively can be found in Vikendi. It uses 9mm rounds and replaces Vector on the map. It has a fast rate of fire just like any other SMG but surprisingly with easier control. Unlike Vector which holds 13/25 (read more) magazine capacity, it holds 30 by default and 40 with an extended mag.

Being the fast firing SMG it is, MP5K has 900 RPM with little recoil. Its base damage is valued at 33 and can take pretty much all attachments from extended magazines to muzzle attachments to tactical stock to scopes to a laser sight.


We may have gotten ourselves the new weapon but there have been lots of changes to existing weapons in the game that you should know before playing another round of PUBG.

Weapon Balance Changes


  • Vector is rechambered to use 9mm rounds instead of .45ACP.
  • Mag capacity increased to 19 by default and 33 with an extended mag from 13/25.
  • Muzzle velocity has changed from 300m/s to 380m/s.
  • Damage decreased to 31 from 34 because of the ammo type change.


  • UMP is rechambered to use .45 ACP rounds instead of 9mm and is now called UMP45.
  • Mag capacity decreased to 25 by default and 35 with an extended mag from 30/40.
  • Muzzle velocity has changed from 400m/s to 300m/s.
  • Gunshot sounds have been adjusted to make it feel more realistic.
  • Unlike Vector, there haven’t been any changes to its damage.


  • Tactical Stock and Canted Sight is now compatible with M16A4
  • When Tactical Stock is equipped, it will decrease animation kick, weapon sway, and recovery time while improving hipfire accuracy and ADS speed.
  • To make the weapon more efficient over long-distances, range before the damage fall-off occurs have been increased.

Mk47 Mutant

  • Tactical Stock is now compatible with the Mk47 Mutant and all changes regarding M16A4 with the attachment are now applied to Mk47 Mutant as well.

Attachment Balance Changes

  • Pistol and SMG attachments are now combined and can be used on both weapon types.
  • Holo Sight is now compatible with Pistols.
  • Bullet Loops for Shotguns, Kar98k and Win94 are now combined into one item called Ammo Loops.

Hit Area Damage Multiplier (HAD) Changes

  • SMG limb shot damage increased to 125% of base damage from 120%.
  • SR body shot damage increased to 150% of base damage from 110%.








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