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PUBG Corp’s latest work is a softer version of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. This lite version of PUBG named PUBG Lite is now available in 15 countries. You can check if the game is available in your country or not from here.

While PUBG on Steam requires about 30 GB of your HDD, PUBG Lite is only 10% of that, 3 GB. At first glance, it may look and feel like the original game but once you get to looting, you will realize the mechanics and the gameplay is very similar to PUBG Mobile. All the maps, weapons, and other items are the same as PUBG Mobile. Although you can see the game everywhere promoted by being a lower graphics version of PUBG PC, it isn’t entirely like that.

The realistic vibe that you get in PUBG PC is not something that the lite version offers. Sure, we are not supposed to get much since it is a free-to-play title but the game is not just a lower graphics version of PUBG. If it was it would be like playing the PUBG on lowest graphics but it’s not the case between PUBG PC and PUBG Lite. Both games are fun to have but since PUBG Lite is in beta there are some connection issues as well as with downtimes not being related to players.

The biggest downside with PUBG Lite, however, is that it lacks the spirit of PUBG where you would literally feel like combatting with people in real life. This was one of the biggest aspects why PUBG became so popular over the years. Since there is a big difference between the two games, PUBG Lite will appeal to those with low-spec PCs and people without a budget for the game.



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