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Need For Speed Heat Trailer

Here is all the information that has surfaced regarding the next Need for Speed game and the trailer!


The next Need for Speed game, Need for Speed Heat comes with the title of “hustle by day, risk it all at night”. Although it sounds similar to what NFS Most Wanted would look like in 2019, it’s entirely something new to the franchise. The 16th entity of the Need for Speed series is set to be launched this year on November 8 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

The one and only unique part of the gameplay of this entity is that players will race in two series. One of which will be the daytime competition called Speedhunters Showdown where you earn money to buy and customize your garage. At night though, you are basically racing for Rep currency and corrupt cops can bust you and take all of your earnings.

Need for Speed Heat Trailer has just been revealed by EA and it looks breathtaking! The game can be pre-ordered through all the platforms it is going to be available on. The Standard Edition of the game costs $59,99 while the Deluxe Edition costs $69,99. Although the price might be a little off considering how well the previous Need for Speed titles have done, it will still be worth your bucks if you’re interested in the racing genre.

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