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FIFA 20 Changes


EA is well known for being secretive when coming up with their titles. Sure, the company likes to give hints that would excite the fans of each game but they keep the biggest things to themselves without revealing upcoming changes to their franchises. The company has done something unusual for them with their FIFA franchise and gave some clues on what to expect in a blog post with the 2020s soccer game.

The biggest change to the next year’s franchise is going to be on the AI defending. EA is planning to renew the defending system entirely with adjustments “to the cadence and flow on the pitch” and revised positioning. What this means is that players are now will be able to defend on their side of the field manually and those who do so will benefit from this.

Another thing related to this is that auto tackling and autoblock will be nerfed so it will make manual defending more rewarding and effective in the field.

FIFA 2020 will also introduce “planned tackling” which makes sure that the defender that tries to tackle will make a ”favorable context to your team”. Although these changes are highly likely going to be the ones on the surface, it seems like there is a lot to come with FIFA 2020 than just some changes to how you defend as a team.


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