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Teamfight Tactics is Now Available on Live Servers


Riot Games first announced Teamfight Tactics around two weeks ago. Shortly after it made debut in Public Test Environment (PBE) servers. This rush was not to miss out on the new genre, the Auto Battlers. It was initially designed as a separate game mode for Dota by Drodo Studio. Riot obviously had to take quick action to not seem like stealing from them, however, that’s basically what happened but that’s another story.

Teamfight Tactics currently holds more than 50 champions and as the game mode progresses we will see more champions and various other classes being added to the game.

Although the game mode looks and feels confusing at first, it is simpler than you think. We highly suggest launching the game getting to it. If you’ve updated the game yesterday, no downloads or installations are required. Stay tuned for more updates on Teamfight Tactics in our separate category as we will solely focus on the game mode and what it brings to League of Legends.


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