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Ranked Mode is Coming to Teamfight Tactics


Teamfight Tactics has recently been introduced to League of Legends after coming out from Public Beta Environment (PBE). Although the game mode is out of the test servers, there are too many existing bugs and performance issues that repeatedly ruin rounds. Teamfight Tactics is a game mode where if you lose even a single round, you might end up losing the entire game. So these problems that are occurring because of the game mode itself needs to be addressed before Teamfight Tactics Ranked Mode emerge to live servers.

Riot Games is set to take this brand new game mode to higher levels as the company is notoriously known for its passion for e-sports. Outside of competitive play, we could see a mobile launch after ranked mode comes to life. This may be unlikely, but seeing that Dota Underlords is an entirely separate game than Dota 2, it would make sense for them to come up with another playable version of the game on mobile. Perhaps a cross-over play on top of that for both PC and Mobile could be something to go. We will constantly update our page once more news come out on Teamfight Tactics, TFT, stay tuned!

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