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How TFT Ranked Works

League of Legends’ latest game mode, Teamfight Tactics is now going to allow players to test their skills in the brand new ranked mode!

In the ranked mode, players will go against each other to get more LP to climb up the ranks. From matchmaking to the format of the game mode, everything is seeming to be the same.

How Does Teamfight Tactics Ranked Work?

Just like in regular League of Legends, there will be a total of nine leagues starting from Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Masters, Grandmasters, and Challenger. Those who rank in the first 4 places will gain LP and those who rank last will lose, so taking the first place don’t all matter all that much. However, if you rank the first place, you will gain more LP and the same goes for the last spot. If you rank as last, you will lose more LP than someone that placed in 5th or 6th place.

Duo Queue / Flex Queue

The image above shows who can play with who between each rank. Up until Gold, five friends can play all together in the same match but if anyone in the group is Platinum or above, that number will drop down to three. You can thoroughly understand which ranks can play with each other by studying the image above.

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