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One Punch Man Video Game


One Punch Man, the Japanese superhero web manga series created by ONE began in 2009. The series has a huge following and went viral, getting more than 8 million hits in 2012 with almost 30 episodes. Watching this series is cool and all but what’s even more exciting is that we will be finally seeing a video game for both consoles and PC.

After a four year break, Saitama and Genos are returning to being the best at what they are, superheroes. Spike Chunsoft, the creators of J-Stars Victory VS and Jump Force is currently working on the One Punch Man game One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, a 3D arena fight game set in the series’ universe. It features 3v3 battles with characters like Mumen Rider, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, Fubuki, Saitama, and Ganos. It looks and feels like an anime but surely the game will be a blast not only for those who are fans of the show but to anyone.

There is unfortunately no release date given yet. Herve Hoedt, the vice president of marketing in Bandai Namco said A Hero Nobody Knows is going to be a great way to jump into the anime world while saying “fans of the series can play as some of their favorite characters in exciting 3 vs. 3 battles.”

Since there is no official release date announcement yet, you can watch One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows trailer from the video below.


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