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KIDS – New Indie Game


If you’re familiar with some of the titles in the Indie Game genre, there is a high chance that you’ve heard about Plug&Play. Well, the same guys who made that piece came up with a new title called KIDS.

It features cartoon crowds that are drawn black and white with interesting physics behind every move. Although it’s labeled as a horror game, you won’t see any jump scares in old mansions or hospitals. It is more psychological than that. KIDS is more about crowds, complicity and how harmony can be created with bad decisions.

While we must state out the fact that the game is very short with a play time of roughly 20 minutes, it allows you to move with and against the cartoony crowds until everyone is dead. Don’t worry, there isn’t any gore if you’re wondering.

KIDS isn’t all that artful and the graphics is not so important as other games because instead of gameplay, it is more about obvious things that we as a society ignore. Once you start playing, you will see lots of examples of how cowardice and going with the flow leads to a black hole in the ground that pretty much destroys everyone at the end.

This fresh and new indie game can be downloaded on Steam for only $2,99. We recommend it if you’re looking for something new, mindboggling yet makes you feel creeped out a bit.

KIDS on Steam

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