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Cuphead DLC is Coming Soon!

Your favorite indie game is returning back with a DLC!


Ever since gaming became widely available, run and gun indie games have been very popular among many people due to the high number of releases in the genre. This led to a huge popularity increase. Although most modern games nowadays are action based, run and gun games have made a return with Cuphead, featuring a hard battle with the Devil!

It is a simple run and gun game with the look of 1930s cartoons and heavily focuses on boss fights rather than platform play. It features all of the surrealistic and subversive styles of those times. The whole animation of Cuphead is hand-drawn to match the look of the cartoons. We can say that there is a lot of work involved in this game. It paid off to the developers by selling more than 3 million copies to this day. We highly encourage you to not underestimating that amount. Sure, if you compare it to GTA or Battlefield or any other big titles, it’s just a tiny number. This is a small videogame that can be finished under 6 hours once you give it a go and therefore 3 million with $19.99 price tag isn’t something to be underestimated.

Cuphead is available to play on both PC and Xbox One. It can only be played in singleplayer mode or multiplayer mode if you have a second controller. The game is called Cuphead because of the character you’re playing as called Cuphead. However, once you hook up your second controller and Mugman appears! This is something that a lot of people love as it allows them to bear the hardship of the game with friends. The popularity of the game is obvious and it will only increase with an upcoming DLC!

The maker of the game, StudioMDHR has just announced that they are in the works for an upcoming DLC. This DLC will add a new playable character to the game named Ms. Chalice, along with new weapons and many more new bosses!

You can watch the trailer for the upcoming Cuphead DLC, The Delicious Last Course!

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