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When is E3 2019?


Electronic Entertainment Expo or shortly known as E3 is an event held annually by Entertainment Software Association for the videogame industry. The event is used by so many publishers and developer companies across the world to promote, advertise and introduce upcoming games since 1995.

It is usually held in summer around June time every year in Los Angeles Convention Center. Although specific dates mostly change in different years, it’s always in the same month. So when will E3 2019 begin?

This year’s E3 event was originally going to begin on June 8 but due to some complications, it was delayed. E3 2019 will begin on June 11 and end on June 14. During the four days, we will get to hear from so many publishers and developers. You can check out our list below to see what to expect on E3 2019 Expo.

Bethesda – The Elder Scrolls VI

CD Projekt – Cyberpunk 2077

Square Enix – Marvel’s Avengers 

EA – Apex Legends – Star Wards Jedi


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