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Devotion Steam China Ban


Red Candle Games titled psychological horror game Devotion has been the target of many Chinese players for implementing an easter egg that compares Chinese president Xi Jingping to Winnie the Pooh which is a joke that is censored in China.

The developer has pulled their first-person horror game from Steam after the harsh criticism from the Chinese players. Since Taiwanese and Chinese gaming market are similar and it is the market that the dev. company is appealing to, it was a necessary step to take the game down.

The notable thing that we can take from this apologize letter is that we won’t be seeing Devotion going on a re-release any time soon as the dev. team stated “Red Candle’s co-founders have reached a unanimous decision to not re-release Devotion in the near term, including but not limited to obtaining profit from sales, revision, IP authorization, etc. to prevent unnecessary misconception” which is linked to below statement. “If, in the future, the public would be willing to view this rationally and allow us the opportunity to rebuild trust with our players, Red Candle would reconsider re-releasing Devotion.”

For those of you who want to purchase the game, unfortunately, there isn’t any official way of doing this so. However, some pirating websites may offer Devotion for a limited time; we highly recommend not trusting any of the claims made by them.


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