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Fortnite Giant Robot

Most recent Fortnite rumor points out a gigantic robot coming out of Pressure Plant to fight off the monster seen in Polar Peak.


Yesterday wasn’t an official patch update day for Fortnite but we’ve seen some changes happening to the game. Pressure Plant was added to the game at the beginning of Season 9 after the volcano erupted and destroyed a few of the places. It serves as a power plant that was built out of the erupted volcano. It appears that the location turns lava into energy that can be harvested as power.

If you go and land on Pressure Plant, you will see the location looking like something entirely different. The latest news suggests that a giant robot could come out from the location to fight with the sea monster that was recently spotted near the ocean with Polar Peak castle on its head.

Although there aren’t any evidence or something solid that we can say, oh for sure this will happen, it is just a wild theory but there are few reasons that we can point out why this could become a thing in Fortnite Battle Royale.

First off, the entire season has been themed with future and technology but we haven’t seen anything aside from the two new locations and slipstreams when the season started. Second last but not least, if you take a close look to Neo Tilted, it’s actually drawing power from Loot Lake device. So Pressure Plant’s entire purpose could be to provide energy to a giant robot that could take down the monster. As this is just a theory, we will keep this post updated once more information emerges!

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