Anything related to the world’s most popular battle royale title Fortnite! We cover everything from minor updates to any rumor that has the potential of becoming something true. Season 9 is now on buckle up!

2 Aug, 2019 231

Fortnite Season X Patch Update

Now that we’ve just entered a new month, it’s time for another season of Fortnite...

1 Aug, 2019 392

Fortnite Season 10 Release Date

Fortnite Battle Royale is undoubtedly the most popular game within its genre. This is easily...

29 Jul, 2019 287

Fortnite World Cup Solo Standings

Perhaps the biggest event in the history of e-sports has just come to an end...

26 Jul, 2019 284

Fortnite Birthday Event

Fortnite is aging and it’s raging rapidly since fun makes the time fly in a...

18 Jul, 2019 235

Fortnite v9.40 Patch Update

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9’s latest and possibly the last update is here! Here are...

1 Jul, 2019 221

Water Balloon Challenge – 14 Days of Summer

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 9 has brought in many new events like Fortbytes and 14...

26 Jun, 2019 229

v9.30 Content Update Fortnite

A brand new content update just hit live servers, introducing a new event, 14 Days...

26 Jun, 2019 241

14 Days of Summer Fortnite

Another weekly Fortnite content update has just hit live servers after the patch update. Since...

26 Jun, 2019 840

Fortnite Giant Robot

Yesterday wasn’t an official patch update day for Fortnite but we’ve seen some changes happening...

24 Jun, 2019 231

Fortbyte 98 – Viking Village

Although the secret image behind Fortbytes has been revealed, they will continue to be added...