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How to Choose Apex Legends Servers

Surely, the most annoying thing that can happen to you in a multiplayer game is lag. At some point in gaming journey, you experienced it and know the frustration that comes with it. So if you’re drowning in connection and server issues on Apex Legends, taking a look at the servers you’re connected to or changing it could be useful. If you’re having connection problems regardless of your internet, we highly recommend changing the servers you’re connected to in the game.

How to manually change servers to reduce lag?

On PC, just launch Apex Legends on Origin and wait 60 seconds on the initial screen. You will see the data center you’re connected to then hit ESC and cancel. Now you will be able to click the data centers and will see their ping as well as their packet loss. We highly recommend picking the one with the least amount of ping. Here is how the screen looks like.

Xbox One / PS4

The procedure for changing the servers on consoles is pretty much the same except you need to wait 2 minutes on the title screen and then hit accessible settings and exit. From there on, press the Right Thump stick in and voila! You will be able to select the server you want to connect to and see their ping and packet loss.

If you don’t know what ping is, they refer to response time meaning that if your ping is 80ms, it means there is 80 milli-second of lag. So when you press a button it will response approximately 80 ms later.

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