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Apex Legends Season 2 Weekly and Daily Challenges


Apex Legends Season 2 titled as Battle Charge is finally coming out on July 2. During the EA Play 2019 where the next season was revealed, Drew McCoy, the project lead at Respawn Entertainment announced that there will be weekly and daily challenges throughout the game. The best thing about these upcoming challenges is that none of them will be on timely basis meaning that even if you don’t play for a while, once you get back to the game it will be ready for you to complete therefore gaining more experience points.

These challenges will be very similar to what Fortnite Battle Royale already has but in a more efficient and rewarding way. Challenges like “20 kills as Mirage, Octane, Bangalore” or “Loot 100 rare items” will grant players stars which eventually turn into Battle Pass XP upon completion.

On top of the XP, players will grant themselves an entire Battle Pass level once they are done with it. After completing 5 Daily Challenges, you will be rewarded with an entirely new Battle Pass level. Also, there will be a quest where you can repeat it an unlimited number of times each week. When you complete 10 Daily Challenges, you will be rewarded with one Battle Pass level and earn 9,000 level XP or Stars. Each completion of this quest each week increases the Stars or match XP required for the next one by multiplying it, up to a maximum of 54,000. So you will need 9,000 for the first level, 18,000 for the second, and 27,000 for the third, etc.

Both weekly and the daily challenges will be available tomorrow with the update, stay tuned to not miss out anything on Apex Legends Battle Charge.

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