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Apex Legends vs PUBG


Both Apex Legends and PUBG are one of the first titles that ring in our head when we think about battle royale genre. Although Fortnite is boasting more players than two combined, we will keep this post focused on comparing Apex Legends to PUBG. The main difference between the two games is the time between their releases. PUBG was initially released on March 2017 before its full release on December later that year while Apex Legends is still relatively new as the game was out March, this year.

Apex Legends which was developed by Titanfall’s maker Respawn Entertainment is published by EA. When you’re a giant company, you have unlimited resources to market your game. That is exactly what EA did right when it was launched. Marketing and the hype surrounding the genre brought Apex Legends over 50 million players worldwide in only four weeks. Given that Apex is free-to-play on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, it had a major impact on the player count.


On the other hand, it would be pointless to compare the player count of both games since there is a $29.99 price tag on top of PUBG but it reached a total of 50 million copies about a year after the Steam Early Access release. The overall numbers and how many people are playing the game don’t mean much when it comes to which game is better. So here is a breakdown of how we can determine when we compare the two.

Apex Legends vs PUBG- Which one is better?

First and foremost, the gameplay of the two games is really different. PUBG features a realistic approach where even the death animations are based on many factors such as bullet type, velocity, movement of the fallen player, surroundings, etc. Just like what would happen in real life. This feature draws many people into playing PUBG more and more. However, at the same time, lots of people find it very slow.


This case is completely different from Apex Legends as the game features fast-paced action-based gameplay. One thing that can possibly make you fall in love with the game is the gunplay. It feels smoother than any other battle royale along with a huge arsenal of weapons to choose from. Another thing that differs from PUBG and possibly from any other battle royale title is the 9 unique playable characters (legends). Each one of them has its own three different skills.

There is really no answer to which one is better but an experienced person with thousands of hours of gameplay in FPS games would probably go with Apex Legends because it’s faster and overall newer than PUBG. It’s around two years ahead of PUBG to be more specific. In any given case regarding gameplay and functionality, our winner would be Apex Legends for sure. But even if PUBG would be the least popular battle royale title, it will always have a special place in our hearts since it is considered as the godfather of the genre.

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