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Apex Legends Twitch Prime Skins


Season 2 of Apex Legends has finally kicked off and for the celebration of it, EA teamed up with Twitch Prime to bring some exclusive cosmetics to the game for the new legend, Wattson and the new weapon, L-STAR. If you link your Twitch Prime account with your Origin account, you will get Sweet Dreams for Wattson and Stellar Stallion for L-Star skin for absolutely free of charge.

To link your Twitch Prime account to your EA account, just head over to the Twitch Prime page.

Also, outside of these two skins, a Bangalore Skin titled Dino Dynamo and an unrevealed Octane and Mirage skin will be making its way to the arena with the Twitch Prime loot. Keep in mind that if you’re playing Apex Legends in multiple platforms, you can get the loot in only one platform.


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